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Welcome Home Program

Help Us Reach Our Very Important Goal!

Angels Frontline will fill an existing gap in the programs that exist in the St. Louis and surrounding areas for the victims of trafficking and or refugees. The program works with already existing non-profits like The International Institute of St. Louis who has a mission of rescuing and integrating families who are starting from scratch. After a family is in a program like International Institute the families need immediate housing solutions. Often times there is a small amount of funds to help with the security deposit, two months rent etc. and the families are on their own from there. In almost every case the families simply do not have any resources to furnish or provide basic household items.

That is where the Welcome Home Program starts. Angels Frontline has been helping organizations like this for years helping set up families, but the Welcome Home Program will be a more permanent and organized process. Working with organizations like International Institute is the starting point. Once housing is secured we will utilize inexpensive online retailers to furnish the homes. Getting new items at an excellent price will cut down on bed bugs, illness and an overall feeling of living in sub par conditions. We will provide a theme and cohesive patterns throughout the home to aid in overall comfort and calm as these families readjust to their new lives.

In addition to the online retail relationships; we have Max and Moo’s Thrift shop that provides financial support and furnishings to support the program.

Step two is set up of the home. Over the years we have had a handful of reliable volunteers who will set up the home before the family is to move in. The property will be move in ready, when the family members arrive they can shower, relax and sleep in a comfortable and clean environment.

Step three, is the families will receive financial help for the upcoming months rent for the duration of a year. The amount of coverage will adjust based on the amount of funding provided from the original organization and any addition of household income over the year lease.

These families will be receiving help with employment, crisis counseling, job training etc. from the original organizations who introduced us to the family. Our program's goal is primarily related to relieving some of the stress of setting up and maintaining a home.

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