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A New Stream of Donations from a Local Property Management Company (Frontier)

Angels Frontline has teamed up with Frontier Property Management to obtain furniture and clothing for repurposing.

Frontier owns and manages hundreds of properties and I have had the pleasure of working with the owner Chad Murray. We were talking about a way Frontier could help Angels Frontline and we came up with a win/win situation.

On occasion tenants at the end of their lease leave items behind. In many cases the furniture needs minimal or no repair to be reused for a family in need. We had our first pick up and it went well. I am sure we will always be able to use at least some items in any apartment. In this particular case we were able to use furniture, kitchen items, and clothing! We are excited to have this new stream of donations!

Angels Frontline welcomes any other property managers to contact us to see if there are any useable items in your property before everything meets the dumpster.

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